Not your typical summer vacation

Summer vacations are typically assumed to be relaxing, fun, and most importantly a break from school for students. However this summer vacation I am going to spend a little out of the ordinary. Instead of relaxing on my summer vacation this year I am going to be interning at the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, PA.

I have lived twenty minutes from the Pocono Raceway my entire life. It was just last summer that I finally entered into Pocono Raceway instead of just driving by it. I wish I would have come to the Pocono Raceway years ago. Last year I had great experience and am very ecstatic to come back this summer as an intern. I never knew much about the raceway; expect that it was on television and on race weekend, especially race day, to attempt to stay off the roads because heavy traffic was a guarantee. But last summer I finally saw another side to the Pocono Raceway, because I worked both of the race weekends and had a blast.

This summer I have the opportunity to be an intern for the Pocono Raceway, and even better I am going to be blogging to share my experiences and findings. I am finally seeing, learning, and understanding about all of events and festivities that happen at the Pocono Raceway, and you should too if you have not done so already. Throughout the course of my internship via my blog I will keep you in the know about what I am working on and all the happenings here at Pocono Raceway. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find the Pocono Raceway to be as exciting as I do!


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3 Responses to “Not your typical summer vacation”

  1. Anne Heineman Batory Says:

    Sara – Hi! Your Internship at Pocono Raceway sounds like a great learning adventure. Like you, my only experience of the Raceway was to stay off the roads during Long Pond race weekends! It will be interesting to hear about your work. I look forward to working with you in the fall in marketing class — Please have an awesome summer!

    • Sara Cosgrove Says:

      Same here, I cannot wait to start marketing classes in the fall! I hope you enjoy your summer too!

  2. Sharon Castano Says:

    Loving the blog Sara! I too avoid Rte. 115 during race weekends but I am glad you enjoyed your experience!

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