The Finish Line

August 26, 2010

Summer vacation for 2010, is coming to an end, and so has my internship with the Pocono Raceway. Spending my summer completing an internship was the best and most constructive use of time for my vacation away from classes. Not to mention I gained valuable work experience, and better insight into what life is like in the real world.

Pocono Raceway was a great place to spend my summer vacation, because it is a popular tourist destination, therefore it made interning more exciting. During my time spent at the Pocono Raceway I was able to see, learn, and understand what it takes to make business operate smoothly.

As for my individual tasks I spent a great deal of my work day taking ticket sales along with interacting personally with customers to make sure their visit to the Pocono Raceway was an enjoyable one. During the race weeks at Pocono Raceway as with any major event or function the office became much busier, which brought more tasks that needed completion and I assisted anywhere that I could help.

I feel that having the opportunity to work one on one with customers of the Pocono Raceway gave me a great deal of experience in interacting with the public in a professional manner. No matter what track I take in my professional career at one point or another I will have to interact with the general public and thanks to the Pocono Raceway I had hands on experience early on. Also during race week when the office became busier than a normal weekday, it showed me how to work productively under pressure. There were plenty of orders and customers to help, along with other tasks that needed to be taken care of within the office. Thanks to this busy period during race weeks I learned how to prioritize what tasks should be done first, and what could wait.

This summer vacation at the Pocono Raceway was a very valuable one, in terms of gaining invaluable work experience. If you have not already or once you begin your college career I would strongly recommend looking into obtaining an internship. I began my first internship my sophomore year at Wilkes University, and I am currently entering into my junior year. It really is never too early to start. Plus the career opportunity office at Wilkes University is very helpful and guides you every step of the way. While interning you learn a great deal about what you enjoy, plus find new interests that you would like to pursue. It helps to clarify what direction you want to take your education for your career path. Wilkes University definitely assists you in finding what enjoy from the classroom, to helping you obtain internships that are beneficial to your education and future.


Back on the Race Track!

August 4, 2010

The weekend for the Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500 has unfortunately come to an end, like all good things do. But what an exciting weekend it was. The excitement began at the Pocono Raceway on Thursday July 29, 2010 and lasted all the way through the weekend to August 1, 2010.

On Friday July 30, 2010 was the first day there was any action on the racetrack. On Friday there was just practice and then qualifying for the NASCAR and ARCA racing series. During the NASCAR qualifying long time patrons of the Pocono Raceway had the opportunity to wave the green and white flags to signal the drivers. It was awesome for me to be up front and close to watch these patrons take part in qualifying, I cannot even imagine how excited they had to of been for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I really enjoyed getting out into the public and interacting with these true race fans, and even better long time supporters of the Pocono Raceway!

The schedule for Saturday July 31, 2010 at Pocono Raceway was changed up from a typical Saturday at Pocono, where the only race at Pocono was the ACRA race. This year the Camping World Truck Series came up to the Poconos! Plus the Truck Race was a huge success! The Grandstand was absolutely packed with spectators. There was a huge interest in the Truck race coming to the Pocono Raceway and patrons from all over came out to see it! Then following the Truck Race was the ACRA series which also had a great crowd of spectators. Saturday at the Pocono Raceway was the perfect day for racing. The weather cooperated, and the entire place was packed with patrons who truly love the sport of racing!

Finally onto Sunday August 1, 2010; the day of the Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500, the main event of the entire race weekend at Pocono Raceway. Unfortunately the weather once again was not the best conditions to hold a race, but nevertheless the race was exciting and was able to finish. Even with the rain delays, and the red flag due to the terrible crash involving Kurt Busch and Elliott Sadler, did not keep the race from ending with Greg Biffle taking the checkered flag.

This was yet again another awesome race weekend spent at the Pocono Raceway! This race weekend I had the opportunity and was able to spend more time out in the public with the patrons of the Pocono Raceway to see and understand their love for the sport. Being part of the race weekend and its events is an awesome atmosphere to be a part of, and the patrons I spoke with definitely showed that to me! The race weekend atmosphere is one of a kind and if you have not been to one yet I would highly recommend it, because I am sure it will be an enjoyable experience! Hopefully the Pocono Raceway will see you next year!

Anticipation builds for August 1st!

July 25, 2010

There is a week to go until the Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500 Sprint Cup race is underway. This entire week is going to be very exciting as the Pocono Raceway comes to life.

I am very eager to begin the highly anticipated “Race Week”! During the beginning of race week I enjoy seeing all of the vendors and haulers coming in and preparing  for the festivities. It can be a little nerve racking when you are driving in between all of them, but never the less it is an awesome atmosphere to be a part of.

I know business in the ticket office has already started to pick up, from the many phone calls to the walk-in costumers eagerly buying their tickets to the many events happening this weekend. During the entire race week and weekend I will be selling tickets either in the main ticket office, or out in the main ticket booth.

The energy is very exciting throughout the entire weekend with all of the camping to the races happening on the track.  I cannot wait for all of it to begin, and I hope you are planning to come visit the track this weekend July 30th, 31st, and August 1st! Stay tuned for next week, I’ll have full re-cap of the weekend’s happenings along with accompanying pictures!

Time is Ticking…

July 14, 2010

Fifteen days and counting until the next race weekend is under way here at the Pocono Raceway! The excitement is building for all of the spectators and visitors who come out for the weekend events. Plus the pressure is on for those last minute preparations to make sure the entire weekend is a success and enjoyable to all who come out to the Pocono Raceway!

Preparing for the race weekend definitely makes the work day go by so much faster. It’s exciting talking to the eager patrons buying their race tickets, asking questions and listening to their own stories of how NASCAR impacts their individual lives. Plus this only builds my personal excitement and anticipation for the race weekend here at Pocono!

The dates for the upcoming race weekend are July 30, 31, and August 1, 2010. The August 1st race is the Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500. But don’t forget about Friday and Saturday activities as well, because they are all part of the weekend experience! Friday is the first day spectators are able to get a glimpse at the stockcars, because Friday is when qualifying is held for the upcoming races. Then on Saturday there is going to be two races; the Camping World Truck Series and the ARCA racing series. The truck racing is new to the racetrack this year and has attracted a lot of positive attention. I personally am very intrigued to see the trucks race, as are many Pocono Raceway Patrons are. Then as always there will be the ACRA race. Then it all leads up to the Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500 where you see the NASCAR drivers show their talent. I am very excited for the upcoming race weekend to arrive, and I hope you are too! If you have not order your tickets yet, I would hurry up before all the good ones are gone!

Back to the Basics

June 22, 2010

The intense rush of the June 2010 race weekend has finally dwindled down, and operations at the racetrack are back to normal. I have my weekends back to myself and am learning more and more about the raceway and everything that goes along with it.

As I have mentioned I knew little to nothing about the Pocono Raceway and all that it involves. You will now find me on Sunday afternoons watching the NASCAR Sprint Cup series to better understand and educate myself.

During my daily tasks at the Raceway I talk and work with patrons to aid them in their ticket purchases, along with any other questions they may encounter. I am finally achieving the knowledge about the racetrack to successfully answer any questions that may arise from patrons.

While interning, just about everyday I always seem to encounter a change or new situation that always leaves me with plenty of questions. My site supervisor always tells me, “Once I think I have a handle on things, they will end up changing again.” However by asking the questions is the best learning process for me, to better understand what action or direction I need to take. I spend a decent part of my day just asking questions and wanting further definition on what I am working on. A perfect example of this is what happened today. During my time at the racetrack I have worked mostly with ticket sales. But today a renewal form went out via e-mail. (A renewal form is where previous patrons are provided with the choice to purchase their same seats for the following year.) I have never worked with the renewal forms before; therefore I had plenty of questions today to better understand the whole process and will probably have even more tomorrow. My many questions definitely help me to better aid the patrons in purchasing their seats for the upcoming year.

There is never a dull day while interning at the Pocono Raceway. I am always coming across new situations, and interacting with people from all over the globe. If you happen to be in the market for buying seats for the upcoming race weekend in August (which I highly recommend) there is a very good chance you could put my knowledge of the Pocono Raceway to the test by having the luck of me answering your phone call, and I am looking forward to it!

Taking it to the Track!

June 7, 2010

The rumble of the bleachers, the sound of the cheering fans, and the revving of the engines can only mean one thing…the anticipated wait for the Gillette Fusion Proglide 500 presented by Target race at Pocono Raceway has finally begun!

              Let me give you a little re-cap of the weekend here at the Pocono Raceway, just in case you missed it! Yesterday June 6, 2010 all of the hard work finally paid off! Not to mention the whole weekend at the Pocono Raceway was a huge success. The festivities began at Pocono Raceway, Thursday at noon; when noon struck the Infield and the Family Grandstand RV camping areas opened up for eager campers to move in early for the “big race” on Sunday.

            Friday June 5th 2010 was the first day the racetrack was open to the public. There was practice and qualifying for both the ARCA racing series and NASCAR cup series. This is when the excitement and anticipation began to intensify for the upcoming race on Sunday. People were finally seeing the stock cars, smelling the burning rubber, and participating in all of the extra activities happening at the raceway from Fan Fair to the exciting happenings in the Infield.  

            One of my favorite parts of the race weekend is Fan Fair. Fan Fair is where all different kinds of vendors set up for shop, promoting their latest products and selling souvenir merchandise. Also while walking around Fan Fair you can see some of the stock cars that will be racing on Sunday. Not to mention you get a ton of free samples, from food to body wash to t-shirts, you can find a wide variety of samples throughout Fan Fair. Plus it is just an exciting one of a kind atmosphere that you cannot find anywhere else, and if you are missing out on Fan Fair I suggest you make it a priority to check out what I am talking about!  

            Now onto Sunday June 6th 2010! The day of the Gillette Fusion Proglide 500 presented by Target! To start the off the race Target had shopping carts that were  actually go-carts on the track before the race as a little pre-race entertainment. These motorized shopping carts were definitely a hit with the crowd. I wish I would have had the opportunity to drive one! Next began the traditional National Anthem. Seeing the entire pit crews stand in respect to the flag along with the rest of the crowd was awesome to witness. It just gives such a sense of pride to see everyone in silence with respect to our country. Then the fun is supposed to begin, the drivers are to start their engines, and receive the green flag to go. But unfortunately this exciting moment was delayed thanks to some heavy down pouring rain. Thankfully the treacherous weather moved quickly and Pocono had bright and sunny weather for the rest of the race! During the race there were a few close calls with debris, and then the huge wreck right on the last lap; talk about an adrenalin rush, but Denny Hamlin eventually took the checkered flag throughout all of the day’s events!     

            I had a blast this entire weekend, from seeing all of the campers, to the television stations that broadcasted live, Fan Fair, and not to mention the race itself! This weekend was a blast and if you unfortunately missed this one, I recommend you clear your schedule for the weekend of July 30th, July 31st, and August 1st, for the Pennsylvania 500. Also on July 31st, 2010 there is going to be the Camping World Truck Series which is definitely another event worth coming out for! Stay tuned to my blog and I will keep you updated on all of the happenings here at the Pocono Raceway!

Not your typical summer vacation

June 2, 2010

Summer vacations are typically assumed to be relaxing, fun, and most importantly a break from school for students. However this summer vacation I am going to spend a little out of the ordinary. Instead of relaxing on my summer vacation this year I am going to be interning at the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, PA.

I have lived twenty minutes from the Pocono Raceway my entire life. It was just last summer that I finally entered into Pocono Raceway instead of just driving by it. I wish I would have come to the Pocono Raceway years ago. Last year I had great experience and am very ecstatic to come back this summer as an intern. I never knew much about the raceway; expect that it was on television and on race weekend, especially race day, to attempt to stay off the roads because heavy traffic was a guarantee. But last summer I finally saw another side to the Pocono Raceway, because I worked both of the race weekends and had a blast.

This summer I have the opportunity to be an intern for the Pocono Raceway, and even better I am going to be blogging to share my experiences and findings. I am finally seeing, learning, and understanding about all of events and festivities that happen at the Pocono Raceway, and you should too if you have not done so already. Throughout the course of my internship via my blog I will keep you in the know about what I am working on and all the happenings here at Pocono Raceway. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find the Pocono Raceway to be as exciting as I do!